Josh Dall-Leighton is an amazing young man. He's a young father struggling to provide for his family and knows how hard life's curve balls can be. That is why when he saw Christine Royles, a young mom from Maine's plight to find a kidney, he offered his. Now, the surgery, scheduled for May has been canceled because Maine Medical Center says they want some of the money that was being raised for him. What do you think about this? 

A fundraising page on was created by a friend to help Josh supplement his income while out of work saving Christine's life. The page has raised over $45,000, thanks to recent national attention. Maine Medical Center's Maine Transplant Foundation is performing the surgery. Josh is saying he had to cancel the surgery scheduled for May because the center is saying he is not allowed to donate a kidney if he is being paid for it. Josh says it was his friend that started the page for him AFTER he offered to donate his kidney to Christine. The hospital said this is federal law and the only options are to cancel the surgery or pay Maine Medical Center. Clearly Josh cannot take all that time off from work with no money to support his family. Are you kidding me? Am I the only one who thinks this is totally disgusting?

UPDATE: Getting word a decision could be made today. We will keep you posted right here.