Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendra, Snooki, J-Wow and Amber Rose. Just a handful of celebrities who are waist training. Before you buy you should know this...It's DANGEROUS! 

"I'm obsessed with my Waist Shaper." I've been seeing these comments all over Instagram attached to a picture of a celebrity with a VERY tiny waist tucked in a tight fitting corset. All their comments seem so positive. They have lost inches and their waist has shrunk.

A recent study suggests that the number one body part woman would want to change, is their tummy. Therefore, this waist training thing looks really enticing!

I did some research when I looked into buying one because i'm a sucker about anything trendy. It's apparently downright DANGEROUS.

For five hundred years the corset constricted woman to give them the appearance of intense curves. It made the waist super tiny and became a staple in women's clothing. It went out of style when women started having medical issues. In fact, Doctors advise strongly against practicing waist training. Here are some findings that may help you decide if waist training is for you.

Instagram/Khloe Kardashian


Hourglass Angel sells the waist trainer and is enjoying a spike in sales thanks to their celebrity clientele. Would you try this despite the risks?