It turns out my diagnosis of myself was correct, I am a computer dummy! So am I the only one who feels overwhelmed and frustrated with the ever changing world of computers? I'm a 38 yr-old woman who's been trying to do all her work on an old iPhone and iPad. I've had the same HP computer for NINE years and finally last night made the huge decision to...wait for it...BUY A NEW COMPUTER!

First off, let me demonstrate just how computer illiterate I am. Note, this will make you feel a lot better about yourself. I learned the following...

-Mac is short for Macintosh like an apple hence the name Apple (clever)

-A memory stick goes in a thing called the USB port and you can file a lot of your stuff on it to save space on your computer.

-The printer I have had boxed for two years is wireless and I can print from my computer to it without a cord.

-Windows 8 stinks

Jake and Ashley from Best Buy (pictured above) had their work cut out for them and somehow were able to dumb it down and translate computer speak to this helpless girl.

Best Buy offers free classes on how to run your computer every third Sat.They focus on picture editing and tricks and technique.

I took my new Mac Book Pro, seatbelted it in the car and drove under the posted speed limit like a first time mom.

If you are like me and are completely wigged out and overwhelmed about computers, bite the bullet (or Apple in this case) and go for it. If they can teach this old girl new tricks, they can help anyone.

Good luck!