The 80's really were the best decade for fashion. The big hair, the bright colors, the crazy patterns. It was all just so...tubular!  When anyone tries to throw it back to the 80's (for an 80's themed party for example) theres always a lot of leg warmers involved, big baggy sweatshirts and blazers. I want to know what you were rocking in the Summertime! What did your favorite Summertime outfit in the 80's entail?

Was it your OP full piece bathing suit?

Or your highwaisted acid washed shorts with the tapestry belt?

Maybe you had a skirt that looked a little something like this?

Did you own a pair of white framed sun glasses?

And men...don't think I forgot about you! Did you have a bathing suit that looked like this?

Maybe you owned a sweet tank top with a picture of Marilyn on it or button up that you wore open, just because you felt like it!

Ok this is way too much fun. It's your turn to share! In the 80's what did you love to rock when the weather got hot? Picture documentation would be so appreciated. :)