Everywhere you turn these days it seems like someone has figured out how to make something you buy in a store, from the comfort of their home.

From "how to" videos on building houses to step by step instructions on binding a paper back book in leather, you can basically"do anything yourself" with just a few instructions and a quick trip to the craft store.

The "American Dream" of opening your own store and becoming a business owner has shifted with the changing times. Now, you don't need to pay an expensive overhead or lease a space or carry inventory to be a business owner. You just need access to the internet, and an ability to use it.


Easy Brownie BowlsSo Easy! So Fun! So Yummy!

Posted by Tip Hero on Saturday, October 3, 2015


Popular sites like Pinterest and Life Hacker are ripe with quick DIY tricks and ideas. Of course, thanks to these kinds of sites we also get plenty of DIY Fails to amuse us. Nothing like laughing at a failed cookie recipe to pass the time, amirite?

But with all this thrifty "do-it-your-selfing" what does it mean for those attempting to provide a service and run a business? The question being asked is "why should I pay someone $X when I can do it myself for a fraction of the cost, resell it and turn a profit all from the comfort of my own home?" An excellent question.

While I admit the internet has changed the game for a lot of markets, I still prefer to weigh the cost against the value of my time. If it's going to cost less money, but take up more of my time, that ultimately drives the "cost" up because my time is valuable. So unless i'm having a fantastic time making whatever it is I'm making, I'd rather purchase it from a professional.

I mean... I think we all remember what happened with the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies...

What do you think? Would you rather buy it from a store or DIY?