Imagine walking through New Orleans, looking up and spotting Brad Pitt on a balcony! 

If it was my luck, I would look up and have a large bird relieve itself on my face but these lucky tourists caught a pretty cool scene unfold. Not only did they see Brad Pitt walk out onto his balcony but directly across the street they spotted Matthew McConaughey with his family on their balcony. They started talking and soon a nice cold beer was thrown from Pitt to McConaughey. Two of the world's best actors together to the excitement of everyone on the streets. Check this video out!

Matthew is in town with New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees to film for The Amazing Race and Pitt is rumored to be in town with his family filming the second season of "True Detective." The Pitt family has a home in 'Orleans anyway.

Why can't I get this luck?