Last weekend my boyfriend asked me if I only owned one bra as if that was an odd thing... which it isn't... right?

I realized that while I do own more than one, I typically only wear the comfiest one. Then I wondered... am I alone in this practice? Do other women have a bra for every day of the week? And why?

I mean I get it. A quick trip to Vicky's Secrets is all it takes to realize bra's are marketed to be "sexy". And you could buy a plethora of pretty bras with matching underwear for every day of the week, but that feels like a lot of coordination... and honestly, who does that? I mean... maybe you do, and that's totally cool. But why?

To me bra's are about comfort and performance, and I ask myself these questions before purchasing:

1. Does it fit? (this is surprisingly difficult as not all 36C's are created equal)

2. Does it achieve maximum lift and separation?

3. Does it look seamless under clothes? (trust me... your lacy bra looks ridiculous under t-shirts) 

4. Is it comfortable?

5. Can I get it for less than $20?

At the end of the day, I don't want to break the bank AND I want it to be comfy!

So I ask you... How many bar's do you own? Is it weird that I only have one I basically wear everyday except laundry day? And what's your favorite brand? Help a sister out!
In the meantime, here are some dudes who wore bras for a week... It's pretty funny  ;-)