I think we can all agree that the information age and social media mentality have changed the face of dating. 

I still remember when online dating was taboo. Fast forward to today, and nearly everyone is using some kind of site, app or forum online to connect with potential partners. Along with that we have Facebook, which has become a household name akin to "e-mail" and "google".

With the advent of social media your friend from High School or even Great Aunt Mildred can read about what's happening in your life. So when it comes to Facebook and dating, it's no surprise that listing your relationship status on this particular site can be a big deal.



Even if you think no one is paying any attention to your newsfeed, if you update your status to "in a relationship" on Facebook, rest assured that nice lady you worked with five years ago WILL notice and will most definitely "like" and/or comment on your life event.

How do I know? Because I just took the plunge and became "Facebook Official" last week! And I was totally shocked that over 200 people cared about it.

Which leads me to my question:

Is becoming Facebook Official the new right of passage, in the way 'class rings' and keys to apartments' used to be?

While we ponder that question, allow me to introduce you all to Nate. He cooks, is great with my daughter, like's Dr. Who, and makes me laugh. All this "Facebook Official-ness" aside - at the end of the day he is my person. And that's really all that matters. :-)