According to recent survey over 94% of parents admitted to bribing their kids. 

While I prefer the term incentive, whatever you call it we all do it. Whether it's to get our kids to try harder on their tests or to finish their veggies, we're all guilty of playing the bribe card.

Here are the top 9 reasons parent say they bribed their kids:

1.  For finishing their chores.  66% of parents said they reward them for it in some way.

 2.  For getting good grades, 60%.

 3.  For being good when you bring them shopping, 48%.

 4.  Potty training, 44%.

 5.  Eating everything on their plate, 31%.

 6.  Finishing their homework, 28%.

 7.  To make them stop crying, 18%.

 8.  To make them stop fighting with their siblings, 18%.

 9.  To get them to smile for a photo, 8%.


We had a huge amount of calls about it, but one parent raised a good point. If you "bribe" your kids to do certain chores or assignments, does it unintentionally demotivate them?

Are they reading 10 books to get through them without comprehension so they can get that trip to the water park, or are they reading them to enjoy and learn something from the experience?

In the end, is bribery such a good idea after all, or does it set up kids to simply do things fir the wrong reasons?

Well I don't know about kids, but I personally am easily motivated (or 'bribed' if you prefer) with food ;-)