Books and Brews, an Indianapolis brewpub, has created a beer named "Bill Belichick Is a Poopy Faced Fart Monster" because we're all adults.


Twitter via NFL Retweet


Perhaps looking to stoke the flames of an already hot New England/Indianapolis rivalry, small brewery Books and Brews unleashed a beer called "Bill Belichick is Poopy Faced Fart Monster". @NFLRT was kind enough to make sure Patriots fans and all of New England were able to see that this actually existed.

Considering it's childish name, perhaps Books and Brews is just taking a shot at the entire "deflate gate" controversy as well as the cloud that hovers above Bill Belichick and the Patriots because of various accusations of playing outside the rules. Or perhaps there will be a new rivalry that grows from this, New England breweries versus Indiana breweries.

May we suggest a new porter called "Andrew Luck Has A Terrible Neck Beard". I think it's game on.

A web series titled "Nanobrew" visited Books and Brews and tried out the "Bill Belichick Is A Poopy Faced Fart Monster" beer. Check it out.