I felt like I got kicked in the stomach when I found out that we have lost David Bowie. We just celebrated his 69th birthday and the release of his new album, "Black Star" on Friday. This morning he is gone, and I see his new album for what it truly is, his good bye letter. He created it while he was dying and it is so very David Bowie. He was super secret about the battle against cancer that he lost after 18 months. I create little shrines or talismans related to my favorite artists. I found some special stuff on Etsy for fans of David Bowie. I bought one of my girlfriends a Bowie Prayer Candle for her birthday last year and found another Bowie Christmas gift for her on Etsy this year. I may just get this for myself, a David Bowie quote locket by the shop VERBOSEjewelry.

Less than 24 hours after losing him, I found a David Bowie memorial poster at InspiredLifeArt.


As I said, I honor my heroes through art sometimes, and one collection that I have is altered art antique plates. I love the Aladdin Sane altered art antique plate that I found at the DirtyLola shop.

Our Goblin king attracted Sci-Fi fans, so I wasn't surprised to find a Star Wars/David Bowie mash-up T-shirt. Find it on Etsy at PixelBloodBath.


I texted my friend this morning and reminded her to light her David Bowie prayer candle. I light my Dave Grohl candle when my ju-ju is off. This candle comes from DomRockStar.


Maybe retail therapy isn't your coping mechanism, but if it is, there are a lot of passionate fans on Etsy that have created art for David Bowie. I think I need that locket.

David Bowie was a musician, a writer, a painter, an actor, an icon.

Good bye to The Man Who Fell to Earth. He has returned to whatever planet he was from.