I woke up this morning, and Fancy was her usual excited self. She cannot wait to get outside to 'do her business' as soon as she gets up. But, this morning was different and I was afraid for her well being.


Fancy is an older pup, 8 years old, and her age mostly shows on her white tiny face. I have noticed other signs of her age as well. One way I notice is, sometimes, when she gets too excited, she has a hard time breathing. It sounds like she is 'snorting' and struggling to get a full breath in. Now, I have seen this happen a couple times, and it has passed over within minutes. But, this morning, she had another 'snorting fit' and it didn't stop right away. I was in full blown panic mode. Contemplating bringing her to the Vet, and anxious that this my be the end for her.

This is what Fancy looked like this morning:

I was able to stop my panic, and google 'Dog snorting, cannot breathe', and this is what came up. It's a completely normal thing to happen in a dogs life, and most of the time, it's ok. It's called 'Reverse Sneezing', where a dog gets either too excited, or has something tickling their throat; and they start to snort, and have shortness of breath. There are ways to help your dog when this happens as well. The best thing to do is NOT PANIC, because your dog will pick up on that; and will panic too. Also, try massaging your dog's throat.

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