It's a new year and a new hoax and this one has to do with finding a coin in the door handle of your car. 

I've seen this posted in my Facebook feed at least 10 times over the past three days.

Before you get in your car on the way to work you’re going to need to check your door very carefully.

There’s a new trend among thieves that can easily be missed.

Thieves are becoming more brazen and are now using a very sneaky and easy-to-miss method of breaking into your car.

Check your door as they may shove a quarter or penny into the gap like this.

If you miss it in the morning and drive away nothing really happens. The kicker is when you come home at night.

When you get home and press the “lock” button on your remote the system will fail to lock. Then, when you go inside the waiting thief walks right up to your door and opens it.

To be safe, before getting in your car CHECK THE DOORS!

Please pass on this message to your friends and family so they know what to look for. Stay safe out there.

Absolutely, positively not true!

According to, who spoke to actual professionals who know something about cars, placing a coin in the door handle does not disable the remote locks on your car. In fact, if you have a modern car, say in the past 10 years or so, you won't even find a place to wedge a coin into the door handle.  If you can find a car you can do this on, you probably don't have a remote locking system.

Snopes was also unable to turn up any crimes reported of a car being broken into this way.

Curses social media! You've duped the masses again!