By Now you've heard the reports about Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who had been pretending to be black for a large portion of her life.

Born to white parents, the Ex-NAACP leader claims that she is estranged from those parents and that she identifies as a black woman, though her skin is white.

There's been quite the backlash in regards to this woman and her claims. Many are angry with her, and others are simply mocking her.

But I find myself asking a different question.

Not more than two weeks ago the world met Caitlyn Jenner for the first time. Caitlyn began her life as the man the world knew as Bruce Jenner. And though she was born with the anatomy of a man, she recently told the world that she identifies as a woman.


When a former Nickelodeon star made remarks that he would not respect Caitlyn's wish to be seen as the woman she always felt she was, he received harsh backlash from many who insisted that if Caitlyn identifies as a woman, she should be respected and referred to as a woman.



If gender is no longer as simple as male and female, as is the case of trans-gendered individuals, then what is race?

For so long people have preached that we must end racism and become "color blind", but in the case of Rachel Dolezal, it seems that doesn't apply.



I hold no strong opinions about either issue, because I've never struggled with these kinds of things. I've personally always identified as a white woman, which also happens to be the body I was born with.

But I do find it curious, that Caitlyn Jenner can identify as a woman, but Rachel Dolezal can't identify as Black.

Where is the line? If the line isn't gender... is it race?