Nothing like bundling up the family to go out for ice cream in freezing temps!It's the first big sign of Spring...Dairy Queen in SoPo is open for the season!

After work yesterday, I drove by and noticed the famous ice cream shop is open. I had a bit of a tummy flip because in this great state, the first sign of Spring is when Dairy Queen and Reds open for the season.

I immediately dialed my brother to ask if I could take the kids out to celebrate "Spring" with an ice cream. He was very happy to get the house to himself since there are five kids, three of which are triplets!

Since it was so cold, I had them bundle up with hats, scarfs and mittens. It was then that I realized just how crazy this adventure was. I cranked the tunes, the heat and had the kids yell out what flavor they wanted. I heard "Chocolate!" "Strawberry!" "White!" (my Nephew's version of Vanilla) and my niece, who is on the Autism spectrum yelled "Just driiiiive!" I laughed out loud at how cute they all were and how loud and fun it was in the car.

We all filed out of the van all bundled up, jumping up and down from the cold, all in anticipation of the freezing cold treat we were so eagerly waiting to devour. Each little hand was adorned with a warm mitten as they reached up to the window to grab their cone. The ride home was much quieter thanks to our delish treat.

Although freezing cold, it was a beautifully warm moment I will never forget as an Auntie.