Some friends and I spent a Saturday travelling through the winding Kancamangus Highway in the mountains of New Hampshire to visit Ice Castles in Lincoln. If you've been thinking about taking the family, trust me. Your kids will love it. 

You will probably love it too, but dress warm! This is outside after all and it's ice. I recommend hats, gloves, boots, and snow pants for the kids, especially for the ice tunnel slide that they'll end up riding all day long if you let them.

I'm really amazed at the work that goes in to create this while I'm puzzled at the same time. I'm one of those guys that wants to know how everything works. How'd they do this? What is the ice freezing to? How long did it take. I suppose that's kind of like peeking behind the curtain and ruining the magic.

It's worth the drive to Lincoln to experience Ice Castles, and the ride through the mountains on the Kancamangus is a sight to see as well. When the power lines go away along with your cell service, you know you're in one of the areas in New England not spoiled by man moving in and setting up shop.