After the events of this past weekend in Paris, Beirut and other countries, I wasn't sure how to approach the show this morning. 


My favorite thing is making people laugh. I love when I say something on the air that AJ wasn't expecting and he laughs so hard he has to step away from the mic.

I love it because I know if I got him to laugh, chances are those listening during their morning commute at least cracked a smile.

But this morning my heart was heavy...

As someone who tends to feel things very deeply, when I see tragedy and heartache and read stories of the atrocities in our world, I can't help but cry. I cry because even though that person isn't my sister or my uncle or my grandmother, they are someone's family. And knowing how I feel about my family, I can't imagine the loss or pain other's are experiencing.

Over the weekend Everyone quickly changed their Facebook profile pictures, (myself included), to the colors in France's flag. But as more details came out about attacks in other countries or against individuals and groups, I suddenly felt like there weren't enough filters in the world to express the support I so desperately want to give. Being one person on the other side of the world, I don't have the first clue about how to do that...



So today I made the comment online that I "Stand with the World" and a few people indicated that I should stand with my own country first. This didn't make much sense to me. Isn't the "us versus them" mentality what makes it so easy to forget that we are all human beings? To target one group or religion or race out of fear is like saying all Mainer's are flannel wearing, truck driving, lobster fishing, lumbersexuals. And clearly, we are not.


This video that came out today says it better than I ever could, as Muslims around the world are trying to remind us that ISIS does not represent their religion or them as a people.


So yes, "I stand with the World".

Because when tragedy strikes and we turn to the person standing beside us it will not matter what color their skin is, what God they believe in, or what Country they were born in... I imagine in that moment we will cling to one another for support, comfort and aid because in the end we are the same; we are human beings.

I can't help but wonder If we focused more on what is the same about us - and less on what is different, would there be less tragedy in the world?

Maybe not... but wouldn't it be nicer?