I wanted to avoid any program that showed a woman poking fun at her size. But then I watched and I am addicted. 

Whitney Thore loves to dance, it's her passion. But after gaining 200 pounds when she started college, she has had a very hard time dancing and her whole life changed. After years of depression trying to lose weight to no avail, Whitney finally found out she has a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. POS leads to obesity, balding and excessive hair growth on the face. Whitney says she "really hit the lotto with all three things people hate the most, a beard on a woman, balding and being fat."

Whitney decided to dance again, despite being so overweight. She started feeling stronger and happier and much more confident. It was then that she decided to video her dancing and upload it to Youtube. It went viral! Soon people everywhere were applauding her bravery and for standing up for overweight people everywhere. Here is the viral video Whitney uploaded:

TLC is really doing a great job of showing the struggles obese people contend with. It also shows Whitney's dedication to spread body positivity. At 380 pounds, she wants everyone to know that she is not lazy and that poking fun at overweight people is socially accepted and she wants to change that.

With the help of her parents, a fiercely loyal male bff and a very fluffy Maine Coon Cat. Whitney has one funny show that made me reach for a tissue or two.

Lucky for you, the show just started so catching up is easy. I found jumping in was easy, even though I hadn't seen the first episode. TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 10pm.