If you have kids you understand that sometimes you tell them whatever you need to in order to calm them or avoid a melt down. 

This was the case a few years back when Ellie was particularly exhausted after a day of searching for air conditioners in unbearable heat. Unsuccessful after many, many visits to many, many stores, we decided it was time to get lunch.

Ellie's dad suggested The Muddy Rudder as it was close by at the time. For some unknown reason, at the mention of this restaurant, Ellie burst into tears and began crying saying she didn't want to go to the Muddy Rudder because she wanted to have grilled cheese.

Thinking quickly (as only the parent of a precocious 4 year old girl can) Matt replied,

"Oh Ellie I know just the place! It has the BEST grilled cheese."

Intrigued, Ellie stopped crying and took the bait.

"Really? [sniff]... what place is that?"

Now even I was curious about what her dad would say next.

"It's, ahhh ... well it's called the 'Dirty Steering Wheel'..."

Insert ridiculous snort as I stifled my laughter. Luckily she bought it hook line and sinker. With her previous tears forgotten, she chatted on and on about how great the 'Dirty Steering Wheel' was going to be.

She did end up getting a grilled cheese, and until recently truly believed that The Muddy Rudder was in fact, 'The Dirty Steering Wheel'.  It remains one of my favorite stories to date, and is truly one of my favorite places to eat.

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