This video was posted to Youtube 2 years ago. Since it is footage from a dashcam, there is no sound but that's fine. I imagine all we would hear is the loud police siren and an occasional crackle from the police radio.

The video starts with what appears to be a stopped truck just past exit 6A southbound on 295. Watch as the trooper backs up, takes the exit, and speeds down Marginal way to get back on 295 heading north. Everyone is getting out of the trooper's way as they should. It's when he gets to the u turn that the unexpected happens..

According to a Portland Press Herald article from July of 2012, the car that hit the trooper was the car he was looking for. It was a car driven by an 88 year old man heading the wrong way on 295. The trooper knew he didn't have time to lay out a spike strip, so he went with plan B and caused a crash. Amazingly, no one was hurt. Check out the full article below..