Seriously? As if I'm not broke enough around the holidays. Believe me, I'm appreciative of garbage collectors and Mail Carriers but am I really a jerk if I don't tip them during the holidays? Wait staff I can understand, they rely on tips as part of their income but now I feel guilty because it seems as though etiquette now requires you to tip virtually everyone.

Heres a short list of who you should be tipping and how much this Christmas season According to

Teacher- $25-100

School Coach- $25 or less

Day Care Staff Members- $25-70 plus a small gift from your child.

Babysitter- Gift Card

Mail Carrier- non cash gift up to $20

Garbage Collector- $20

Hair Stylist- an extra session

Newspaper Carrier- $20

UPS Carrier- $50-75

Quick conservative total...$355!!!!!!!!!



Merry Christmas!!!