Has this happened to you? You get a call saying you owe the government money and that you will be prosecuted.

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining, my sunroof opened and I am on the way home from work, not a care in the world. As I pondered the ever important question of "what's for dinner?" and settled myself into a parking space at the supermarket, my phone rang.

The number was one I didn't recognize from Pennsylvania and my first immediate thought was...telemarketer. I also have this really bad trait of needing to know everything and I cannot resist the temptation to answer. I mean, what it it's Publisher's Clearing House? I know they come to the door but maybe they are checking to see when i'll be home for the presentation of my 10 million dollar check? Well, it wasn't them, it was the IRS! That's right, Nicki the agent assigned to my case called via a computer generated voice warning me of the government prepared to prosecute me for issues with my taxes. I was told to retain a lawyer and to call back immediately. I called back to no avail.

I have heard that if you do get this call and call back where someone answers, they may try to get money from you. DO NOT DO THIS. The IRS would contact you through mail first. The number that called me was (412) 226-5765. Here is a list of the other numbers to look out for and more important information...