Went for a walk with my best friend the other day when we stumbled across this hidden gem. You should try it or bring the kids!


Look familiar? It's beautiful Prout's Neck in Scarborugh, Maine. This is quintessential New England and a beautiful place to get a little exercise, so get off the treadmill and into the fresh sea air for this marvelous walk the whole family can do. The cliff walk is a little more challenging but it's an easy walk along the main path past Winslow Homer's studio.

You will see a sign that says "Prouts Neck Sanctuary" it's through the woods on a wooden bridge path that takes you to the other side of the neck. Must be beautiful in the Fall. The best part is the cool air feels great on hot Summer skin. You can even hear the distant waves from the walk and the gardens and natural beauty are like a mini vacation escape from reality. There's even a nice hidden picnic table near the Yacht Club which is a great spot for a picnic and easily accessible. Being on the water, it makes the perfect sunset spot.

Prouts Neck has some serious history behind it which you can read about along the way on rock plaques. It first appeared on maps in 1603 and has been the Summer home to famous names like Paul Newman, Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel and Glenn Close.