The leaves haven't started to turn much yet but we all know that it's going to happen any day now. Here's a spot I stopped at this weekend that's great to visit any time of the year and will be perfect once the fall colors arrive.

It's not much of a secret really, and you may have already guessed the location based on the photo if you've ever stopped along the Kancamagus Highway. It was my first time visiting here though.

We took a drive on a dreary Sunday up the Kancamagus making several stops along the way realizing that in just a few weeks these places will be packed with people from out state to get a glimpse of the fall colors in New Hampshire.

We made three stops at scenic locations along the highway - Lower Falls, Rocky Gorge and Sabbaday Falls. There weren't a lot of people around because it wasn't exactly prime outdoor hiking weather, but the views were still amazing through the light drizzle.

According to the unofficial Kancamagus Highway's web page, the leaves start to turn around the middle of September and the prime time for viewing is the first two weeks of October. Be ready to muscle your way through the crowds though.

Find out more about the Kancamagus Highway by visiting the unofficial website.