It's the first time this has ever happened to me...and hopefully the last!

Let me just start by saying...I should have known better.

I had accumulated some parking tickets here in Portland over the past couple of months. And I swear, it was on my "to do" list to take care of them...this week. Unfortunately, I waited a bit too long.

Earlier today, I went down to move my car from the spot I parked in when I first got here this morning, and this is what I saw:

And this on my windshield:

I admit, I have no one to blame but myself. From

Vehicles with three or more outstanding (unpaid) tickets may be booted if they are ticketed for a violation. In order to get a boot removed, the owner must first pay all unpaid parking tickets, plus a boot fee of $50.

So maybe you can learn from my mistake - don't mess with the city of Portland when it comes to parking tickets!! Pay them ASAP!