According to a study by Facebook, we are no longer using the popular acronymn LOL to exrpess that we are "Laughing out loud".

Instead they found that we use "Haha" or a laughing emoji instead.

Now I can totally see how emoji's are slowly taking over the english language, but I for one do not believe that my beloved 'Lol' is phasing out.

So I did what any self respecting person on a mission to find answers does. I asked facebook ;-)


A new study says people aren't using "Lol" anymore to indicate laughter online. Anna isn't buy it. What do you think? Is "Lol" dead or do you still use it?

Posted by 94.9 WHOM on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From my limited research with a very small "control" group on Facebook it looks like only 3 out of 36 don't use Lol. Maybe the issue here is that Facebook doesn't understand the intricacies of laughing via the written word.

Here, let me break it down.

Ha = "yeah that was kind of funny... I guess"

HA! = "Oh my gosh that was so funny I just guffawed"  OR "so there!"

heh heh = more of a devious laugh, or a chuckle

hee hee = an, "aren't I so adorable and funny, look what I just said"

Haha = a genuine laugh

Hahahaha = "i'm genuinely laughing a lot at what you said" (add a couple !!! and you really found it funny)

Lol = What you said was really funny

LOL = What you said was ridiculously funny and i'm actually laughing audibly (same exclamation point rule applies as above)

LMAO = this one's a little more intense, and because of your hilarity "I am laughing my [posterior] off"

Bwahahahaha = "I basically can't even deal because you are so hilarious I am legit dying from laughter"

Now that we've cleared that up, I look forward to seeing all the variations of laughter that are, let's face it, just as individual as we are ;-)