Kim Kardashian gave some tips on taking a good and I'm all in. Really, who's more self centered?

I'm gonna do my best to now be mean. Here's "Kimmy's" tips-

Use a Mirror.  This one seems obvious.  Why WONDER how it's going to look?  When you take a picture in a mirror, you know EXACTLY how it's going to look.

Go Black and White.  You always want the best lighting you can get.  But when it's lacking, black and white helps de-emphasize the shadows and other lighting imperfections.

Hold the camera up high.  Your face looks better and THINNER when you're stretching your neck a little to look up.

Here's a recent Video of her tips:

Would LOVE to see your selfies. Please post on Facebook and make SURE you use Kimmy's tips...or else Kayne will get ya!!

Here's us before "Kimmy's" tips last night at The Animal Refuge League's Annual fundraiser w/ Lynne McGee, Patsy Murphy and F Lee Bailey.


Teddy McKay


Here's another one we could've used her help with. Joey Krammer from Aerosmith:


Teddy McKay


One of my favs:

Teddy McKay