Planning a little ahead could spare you a hangover this St. Patrick's Day. Here's what you need... 

No one wants a hangover and every single time you have one, you always say you will never do it again. That's a lie and you know it. So next time, let's get prepared. Here is your anti hangover grocery list...

1. A multivitamin with vitamin B. You will need to replace when you lose it. Yuck!

2. Bananas. They are filled with potassium to replace what you lose, also helps with headache and gives you energy.

3. Ginger for nausea

4. Honey and lemon. Heat up some water add honey and lemon. Works as a detox and the honey has fructose which beats down the alcohol in your body. It also helps to rehydrate you.

5. Sports drinks. They have electrolytes which help to get your hydration up. The reason for the hangover symptoms is your blood alcohol level is higher than the water content in your body. Water is your best friend! Staying hydrated while you drink is key.


If you want to test this theory, come hang out with us during the "Half K For St. Patty's Day" Sunday, March 15th at 9am. It's a pub crawl, not a run.

Grittys, RiRa's, Binga's Stadium, Rivalries and Pat's Pizza.

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