Save yourself a trip to Sears this spring and make your own air conditioner for only 15 bucks!

There's nothing worse in my world than being too hot. Just ask Honey. I do have several A/C's but there is a room in our place that we can't fit an air conditioner in.

This Do-It-Yourself air conditioner provides up to six hours of A/C, for just  $15!!! I've been know to be kind of a MacGyver at times so I think I could pull this off if I had all the right stuff. All you need are some tools, some 5-gallon buckets and  some other pretty standard items you can pick up at your local hardware store.

More info at: How to make an air conditioner for only $15:

Just think if the folks down at the AT&T Center (where the San Antonio Spurs play) had these for a back up last night, maybe LeBron would've stayed in the game-

Here's the Vid: