Its not a choice, in this life you will have to work along side people you cannot stand. So how do you get through the day without wanting to throw hot, stale coffee in someone's face?

Here are some responses that experts say can help to make difficult people easier to deal with.

With the personality type of the loud and pushy...they recommend standing your ground in a cool, professional manner. Take deep breaths and try to stay in control of your emotions without backing down.

With the judgemental type– they suggest not getting sucked in making the person look petty with responses like “how does this help us?” The best way to handle them is no response. Silence is sometimes the loudest scream.

With “The Know-It-All,” prepare to answer any objections and know where the holes are in your presentation. They will undoubtably have a rebuttal to whatever you say.

With “Mr. Yes,” who never says no but never delivers, get him to summarize his commitment and commit to a deadline. This will make Mr. Switzerland have to make a move.

And for whiners, they suggest asking them what they want and coming up with action steps to get there.  Ask them what you can do to make things easier for them. If they continue to complain you can kindly remind them of the conversation you had and the steps you have made to make things easier. They may just need that reminder to see they are out of sorts.

Aren't people fun? Hope these expert tips help you with your work family.