Many of you are probably scratching your head right now trying to figure out what exactly a "Lumbersexual" is, but don't worry, I'm here to help!

Believe it or not this Paul Bunyan inspired look is similar to the "Metrosexual" of the early 2000's but is basically bringing the sexy back to looking like a lumberjack.

This means beards, flannel shirts, suspenders and an axe are back in guys!

Sure you probably live in a city and have no need for an axe... or a flannel shirt... but trust me men. That beard no longer says "I'm lazy and hate to shave". It says, I'm hip and sexy and can  handle myself in the great out doors... theoretically.


Credit: @Lumber_Sexual


I personally have been a fan of this look for a while. I mean... Nothin' beats a bearded dude in a flannel shirt chopping wood, am I right ladies??



Gentlemen, if  you are dying to achieve this look, but you just don't know how, don't worry! The internet has the answer to everything.

Including a YouTube guide on how to become a lumbersexual. Which is great because, reading an entire article about it would take too long.




In the meantime i'll just be over here browsing an LL Bean magazine... What? I read it for the articles....