Location data from the Ashley Madison leak has been turned into an interactive map that shows how many users are in each city, and the percentage of males and females in them.

More and more data is being organized from the Ashley Madison hack that leaked the personal data of millions of cheaters.

Malfideleco has taken the location data from the hacked accounts and used it to create a map showing how many Ashley Madison accounts were created across the world. Results were organized by city and actually show the percentage of men versus women in each area.

In New Hampshire, which was found to have the ninth highest number of users in the country, we see a good mix of both female and male users.

A quick look at the map showed that Manchester has a good portion of the cheating population in New Hampshire with 17,937 registered accounts, mostly male. Nashua had mostly female accounts in the leak that included 7,299 users.

See the full results in other cities in the map above, or you can see a bigger full version of the map here.