Cut out the sugar! That's the number 1 tip from Dr. Christine Maguire, DC to overcoming cancer naturally. Dr. Chris from Scarborough Family Chiropractic joined the Pink 94.9 HOM Morning Show to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Dr. Maguire is author of Hope; 30 Tips to Overcome Cancer Naturally. The book is a concise and easy to understand book on the things you can do to prevent and fight cancer yourself. Eating right, moving right and thinking right are Dr. Chris' mantra. It's a message of hope and a proactive approach to healing. She is a regular speaker for the Cancer Community Center in South Portland. CCC is an organization that offers free programs to people with cancer, their family and friends. She speaks on such subjects as how to handle stress and achieve balance and optimal health. You can listen to her here on Pink 949:

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