We asked and you told us! Here are the top 10 Ice cream spots in Maine and NH according to you:

10) Ben and Bills Emporium, Bar Harbor ME

9) Martels, Saco ME

8) Beech Hill Farm, Hopkinton NH

7) Rococo, Kennebunkport ME

6) Lone Oak, Rochester NH

5) Fat Bob's, Warren NH

4) Catbird Creamery, Westbrook ME

3) Willard Scoops, South Portland

2) Arnies, Concord NH

AND THE WINNER IS (drum roll please) ............................

1) Fielder's Choice, OOB, Sabattus, Manchester ME

NOM NOM NOM! Doesn't that just look like a winner? I dont know what the crunchy stuff is on there but I want some.

The moral of this story? We love ice cream and we don't care who knows it! Happy Summer, friends!