North Carolina Senior Stripped of Diploma After He Strips at Graduation:

I've heard of "Senior Skip Day" but never "Senior Strip Day." Maybe he should've skipped the prank. Though I think this is pretty harmless. Then again I'm not the principle.

Quintin L. Murphy whipped off his robe at Jack Britt High School's graduation ceremony Wednesday night in Fayetteville, NC and struck a pose dressed only in leopard print skivvies, socks and shoes. He was greeted by a uniformed officer and promptly escorted from the arena.

THAT'S AWESOME..or is it??


Here's the video. Check out all the people hooting and hollering:



The superintendent of the school said Thursday that Murphy wouldn't get to keep his diploma. REALLY????

Do you think he should keep his diploma?

Have you ever pulled a prank like this?

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