I feel like a zombie every morning when my alarm goes off at 415AM. This time I actually BECAME a zombie for a movie! Are you a fan of "The Walking Dead?" Zombies have been on the big screen for years. "Night of the Living Dead," "Resident Evil, "Plague of the Zombies, "Warm Bodies," "Zombieland" the list goes on and on. Zombie movies are hits and with the dawn of (excuse the pun) "The Walking Dead" a HUGE tv series on AMC, it just got bigger. 

I got to work one glorious morn to find the Press Herald and TV News talking about auditions for an upcoming zombie movie. People were showing up for the movie auditions in full zombie garb! I mentioned how obsessed I am with the thought of a zombie apocalypse and wishing I was an actor so I could be in the movie. Well, my dream came true. The Director called me and asked if I wanted a feature zombie role! "Are you kidding me?!!" I blurted out practically dropping the phone. I spent the next three months meeting with stunt directors and specialists learning how to properly fall without injury. I still had no clue what my "feature" would involve.

You Tube

There I am!  That's me above on a ladder, scared to death of heights but sucking it all up for acting. The movie hasn't been released yet so I don't want to spoil anything but I will say there is a pretty dope fall in this scene and if you've hated me for a long time you can replay it over and over 'til your hearts content when this movie is released to video.

Bill and Tiff McLean are Maine natives and have directed several movies. This movie is getting some serious buzz in the industry. And they have some very exciting news soon to come about the future of the film.

Here's a quick trailer with yours truly!

"How to Kill a Zombie" is premiering at The Saco Drive-In Friday and Sat. Go to www.deadatthedrivein.com for tickets. $25 in advance and $30 at the door. One recommendation...Keep your doors locked ; )