Earlier this week Aj and I were chatting about Vineland, a local restaurant, whose owner claimed that he was downgraded on Yelp after refusing to buy ad space

Apparently this has really blown up because even now Boston.com is writing about it! The owner claims that the Portland representative for Yelp downgraded their 4 star rating to at 3 star ratting a year after her initial visit to the restaurant.

In some emails to the Portland Press Herald the owner wrote:

“We’ve had our frustrations with Yelp hiding a disproportionate number of our five-star reviews. To see the local representative make this downgrade so long after visiting is disturbing,”

While I get the gist of what's happening and I understand the frustrations of the owner, I still don't understand what Yelp is.... I mean, I get that they are a review site of restaurants... mostly because google just told me that. But having never used them or heard of them, is a poor review on their site really such a big deal?

And if it IS a big deal, then how do I get in on it? Because let me tell you, I've had some interesting restaurant experiences in this town.

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