If you've walked down commercial street in the last 3 years, chances are you've seen a gathering of people around one particular piece of a fence. Yes, it's hard to believe that a fence has become a tourist attraction but that is the case in Portland's Old Port. The "love locks" fence, covered in hundreds upon hundreds of different padlocks with sentimental meaning will be torn down by Portland officials in the next 2 weeks.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the "love locks" fence has been under significant structural pressure for months now, as the weight of all of the padlocks attached to it added up. In the past couple weeks, some of the links had snapped under that pressure and city officials deemed the fence unsafe. The City of Portland will replace the fence with one that cannot have padlocks attached to it due to safety concerns.

For those who may be heartbroken by the news, all is not lost. Most of the "love locks" fence will be set up as a display in the DiMillo's parking lot right by where its currently located now. Whatever portion of the fence isn't used for that display, will be placed in city storage.

The "love locks" fence has been a massively popular waterfront attraction for the last 3 years. It has spurred hundreds of pictures throughout social media and consistently attracts crowds throughout the busy summer months. Is a broken fence a metaphor for love? Let's hope not.