If you've driven to Mount Sunapee or Lake Sunappe on Rt. 103 you've seen the rock that reads, "CHICKEN FARMER I STILL LOVE YOU". Nobody really knows what it means but it has become one of the Granite state's favorite legends.

According to onlyinyourstate.com, the legend goes that back in the 1980s there was a little white house across the street from Rt. 103 where a teenage girl lived. Somewhere in town there was a boy who had a bit of a crush on her. But he wasn't the forward type so he took a paint brush to the rock and proclaimed "CHICKEN FARMER I LOVE YOU". Over time the message on the rock faded but one night in the early 2000's the message appeared again this time reading CHICKEN FARMER I STILL LOVE YOU".

Then someone who felt offended by the grafitti on the rock decided to complain to the Department of Public Works about it in 2011. They took it down but the rock didn't stay blank for long. The message once again reappeared and the townspeople petitioned to have this landmark protected. So now the message remains undisturbed and the mysterious love story lives on.

And as you can see, "Chicken Farmer Rock" has evolved into quite the adored New Hampshire landmark.