It was about a week ago, Route One in Falmouth changed. And some businesses hate it so much, they have taken to breaking the law to try to change it. 

About 100 Trump/Pence signs went up along route one in the public area in front of businesses that line Route One. They outnumber any other sign by well...about 100 to 1. Some businesses, including Morong Falmouth, says that customers have complained that they don't want to do shop at a place that supports Trump. The co-owner of Morong Falmouth took down a bunch of the signs until the police told him - he can't do that. It's against the law. He stopped. But's thick with Trump!


The reaction of some in Falmouth is as if Trump were actually on Route One...murdering puppies! They are VERY upset.'s 100% legal and it is 100% illegal to do anything to them.

Is this upsetting to you? The only thing that upsets me is that it makes the area ugly - and it doesn't matter what's on the sign. All signs make lawns, public ways and street corners just plain ugly. November 8th can't come fast enough...