Nate is leaving for a week on vacation with family, so AJ wanted to help and suggested a "Boyfriend Pillow".

I'm sure his intentions were good, but I find this invention to be totally terrifying! I mean, imagine you woke up and forgot you were laying on a pillow! Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue as you battled the invisible foe, all because there's a creepy arm draped around your neck?

It reminds me of the time my arm fell asleep while I was sleeping. I rolled over and my own hand hit my face, but because the arm was asleep, I only felt the contact on my face. I'm sure you can imagine the terror I jumped out of bed with, only to discover it was me.

So how about you? Would you get one of these pillows? I mean,  I guess I don't see the appeal really because I could get the same effect from cuddling my current pillows. But I'll admit it was still nice of AJ to suggest.

There's also this hilarious infomercial. And by hilarious, I mean terrible. You're welcome ;-)