Engraved on the sign for Jameson Tavern in Freeport is the year that it came to be, 1779, making it the oldest known bar that still exists in the State of Maine. According to our friends at Thrillist, Jameson Tavern served as the meeting spot for citizens of the Province of Maine who were seeking to become independent of Massachusetts.

Because of that secret meeting, Jameson Tavern was gifted a monument that proclaims it as "the birthplace of Maine" which they proudly fashion in their garden. Being open since 1779 hasn't been without its bumps and bruises. Several times Jameson Tavern has reverted to being a private residence or closed for other reasons, but is once again open and operational as Maine's oldest bar.

In fact, Jameson Tavern received some national attention in 2003, when world renowned chef Bobby Flay visited the restaurant to feast on their lobster stew. According to their own website, Flay said "it was one of the best lobster stew recipes that he had ever tasted".

Oh, and there's the ghost stories as well. When you've been serving up spirits since the 1700's, there might be a few spirits that stick around. Jameson Tavern has some legendary ghost stories, read about them here and if you visit the Tavern, make sure to look over your shoulder.

So have you visited Freeport for more than just the shopping? Maybe it's time to have a beer at Maine's oldest bar...