In Gilford, New Hampshire, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, is the Great Kimball Castle. This creepy looking abandoned castle was built in 2 years, from 1897-1899 by Benjamin Ames Kimball; President of the Concord & Montreal Railroad. It's design historians say, Kimball discovered after visiting Germany. He modeled it after a castle he saw on the Rhine River in Germany. After Kimball died in 1919, the estate was left to his daughter-in-law Charlotte Kimball; she passed in 1960. The castle officially had no owner for years, and was given to the town of Gilford, who tried to sell it. There were no buyers and the town never had enough money to restore the castle. The Attorney's office decided to commercialize some of the property, and also turn it into Locke's Hill Nature Preserve; on the remaining 260 acres and laid out hiking and skiing trails on it.

There have been reports that Great Kimball Castle is haunted. And, in 2009, the SyFy show 'Ghost Hunters' came out to get the haunting on tape. Spooky!