Shut up and take my money!!

I plan to run several 5Ks this spring and summer. Although I love the regular runs, I really like the themed ones too. A lot of 5Ks will offer you a beer at the end of the race, but most times I will pass, just because the thought of chugging a beer after a run isn't too appealing to me. However...a Hard Cider? count me in!

The Hard Cider Run comes to Portland on Saturday, May 14th, beginning behind Urban Farm Fermentory. Cross the finish line and enjoy a hard cider (or soda if that's not your thing).

Here's yet another layer of fun - you can choose to add the "Hungry Apple" option. and you will enjoy a scrumptious donut at each mile marker. I'm not so sure if I'd be able to do that...but if it sounds good to you, be sure to add it!