I had no idea Zach Anner was a famous comedian. He also happens to live with cerebral palsy, but as you can see, he doesn't let his diagnosis get him down.

I love when I come across something uplifting during my day. This morning a friend shared this video of Zach on a treadmill and I was so inspired by his sense of humor and his bold and unfettered approach to life.

After a little digging I learned that he wrote a best selling book called "If at Birth You Don't Succeed", stars in an online travel show and has even been on Oprah. But the best part about Zach is his incredibly positive outlook on life.

Chatting with a co-worker today we mused about how many people choose to spread negativity because it's easier. I think we are, at times, a lazy society. And yet, while focusing on the negative might take less work, I know that making the effort to find the good and to perpetuate positivity leaves me feeling imeasurably better and more fulfilled.

So today, let's all strive to be more like Zach!

"It's better to be walking in the right direction, then running in the wrong one. You could end up at a Denny's when you want to be at an Olive Garden"