Joey Salads makes social experiment videos to bring awareness to those situations that over time, though we know they are important, don't seem to stay at the forefront of our thoughts.

This time he is trying to remind women everywhere just how easy it is for someone to drug our drink. In the video he was able to add a drug to three drinks of women who were at a bar, two of whom had male companions with her.

After successfully drugging their drinks he immediately tells them not to drink and then explains to them that he is filming a social experiment.

What's incredible to me was watching the reactions of each woman. Though the faces are blurred out, the body language says so much and their voices sound scared and shocked.

My question is why don't we have lids on cups at bars, and should we? Yes we should be careful and never set a drink down once we get it, but are there other precautions bars could take to make it more difficult for this sort of thing to occur?

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