What a cool weekend at the races in New Hampshire. Guess who we spotted... 


We have some really great friends from Good Year who give us pit passes each year at Loudon. You can go pretty much anywhere and taking this picture this close was very cool!


Hey look, someone forgot to lock the gate to "Victory Lane" so we snapped this picture. Such rebels.

Okay, okay now on to who we spotted at the track...


There he is, the star of the show...Dale Jr.! Who rarely pops out of his trailer. He did this time to meet a young fan and both thought that was pretty cool. That's what it's all about, taking time for the fans. Especially the little impressionable ones. Class act, that Dale Jr.

We ate lunch with all the southern people and taught them how to crack a lobster, got uneven sunburns and lost our voices from screaming with the rest of the fans. Good times!