It's natural to get sad when you see a local restaurant you loved going to turn into a Barnes & Noble! (nothing against Barnes & Noble of course) In my Awesome 80's Lunch we got all kinds of nostalgic talking about restaurants we loved that are no longer. Here are some that were brought up.

A&W Family Restaurant, Salem NH

Kinda like the A&W root beer! Coincidence? I think not. On the old A&W menu there was an extensive selection of root beer floats. I mean really, where can you go for a good old fashioned root beer float nowadays?

Potting Shed, Acton ME

This place sounds like Cheers where everybody knows your name. All the reviews say there was a great family feel when you walked in the door and the staff was so friendly and efficient. Now it looks like it switched over to Willy's Ale Room which people seem to enjoy as well.

Kimballs Green Ridge Turkey Farm

This one seems like it was a real NH legend. You could buy tukeys "ready for the oven" or "cooked and pan roasted". Not only were their turkeys infamous but so was their own homemade dressing and gravy. Here is a cool article I found remembering the Green Ridge Turkey Farm.

Shakey's Pizza, Nashua NH

This place apparently played Laurel and Hardy Movies, had a piano player and was just a hop skip and a jump away from the beautiful Silver Lake State Park. It was a place where many childhood memories were made! Many still hold a place in their hearts for Shakey's.

Yoken's, Portsmouth NH

Yokens was a great family style seafood restaurant that was around for over 50 years! This was such a historic landmark in NH that back in 2004 when word got out about their closing there was a petition to keep the legendary Yoken's sign up. The sign stands today, now refurbished and has a whale on it and reads "Thar She Blows!"

Is there a place that you loved going to as a kid and when it closed it broke your heart a little?