Gov and former Congressman John Baldacci will be in studio on WHOM Mornings w/ Sandra & Teddy this Tuesday 740a ish to chat about the Netflix hit series "House Of Cards"


I bumped into the Gov yesterday at One City Center. He was on his way to the gym wearing a long black coat and a black winter hat. I asked him if he was going incognito like Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey's character in the series) would do from time to time. He turned around and slowly walked towards me making sure no one was watching or listening to him. He said "Teddy, sometimes things just happen". I said "are you" he said "I am" yup, completely obsessed w/ this brilliant series!

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The Gov will join us Tues March 4 at 740a ish. We've had him on before and not only is he a class act but has an incredible sense of humor.

Here's the Season 2 trailer. Please jump on board "House Of Cards"