This weekend I was talking to my mom and she asked if I had heard from my sister, Laura. Nothing..all was quiet from California. Turns out she was too busy winning an award in Hollywood.

My sister, Laura Harris Atkinson is a dialogue editor in Los Angeles working on motion pictures since her first movie in 1993 with the Disney production, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. She's been nominated for the Golden Reel award in the past and won for Memoirs of A Geisha. We hadn't even heard that one of her projects was nominated this year. So, we got an awesome e-mail with the below photo and a message "Look what I got!" I had to look up in the LA Times what it was for -  Best Sound & Music Editing: Direct To Video - Live Action "Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter" (Walt Disney Studio). When she made her acceptance speech, I hope that she thanked her sister for changing her diapers when she was a baby.

Laura Harris Atkinson